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End is Here News

The site for all sightings of Evolved

Have you seen anything strange or unbelievable? Share it here!

If you have a photo, a sketch, or a video of something out of a man, woman, or other creature, send it to us and we will share it with the world!

What is End is Here News?


I want to submit my art!

Thanks for your interest in submitting your work! We love fan art, and will send a link to the email you provided, where you may upload your art. Once it has been reviewed, you may find it here.

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Disclaimer: By submitting any type of art, regardless of medium, you guarantee that you have and/or own all the rights necessary to submit it and have it displayed on this site. Moreover, you are guaranteeing that you have not sold or otherwise granted these rights to any other individual, company, or organization. In the event that a copyright or other claim arises as a result of us displaying any kind/type of art or works submitted by you, you will bear any and all responsibility for any and all damages resulting from such a claim. Daniel Castlewrite, this website, and any other affiliates do not claim ownership of any art submitted by community members, such as yourself. All such works are stored with the website host for the purpose of being displayed on this portion of the website. As such, no individual or other entity, real, imagined, or pseudonymous, other than the one who submitted the work, shall be responsible for any infringements, damages, or other liabilities. Furthermore, should the manager of be notified of such a claim, he or she will remove the artwork in question within 72 hours of being notified in writing.

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