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Published and Upcoming Works

Helix Mysteries: The First Change

August, 2022

Helix Mysteries: The First Change by Daniel Castlewrite

Book 1

"The First Change" actually started out as a script for a Role Playing Game. However, just like people, artistic creations can evolve and grow. The script became a story that encompassed elements of mythology, science fiction, politics, and even creationism. 

"I loved writing The First Change because it allowed me to delve into all the topics that I've learned about, debated, or simply pondered on over the years..." says Daniel.

As the story grew, so did the need to expand what it could become. The single book became two, with potential for a third and an ongoing series thereafter!

The Lost Shepherd: The Three Kings by Daniel Castlewrite

The Lost Shepherd

April, 2020

How do you explain perspective-taking to a child? The Lost Shepherd aims to do just that. It also seeks to teach a skill that seems to have been long forgotten - looking up unfamiliar words

Works in Progress

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